Hot Volleyball How-Tos

How To: Improve Defensive Skills for Young Volleyball Players

As anyone who's been around sports long enough knows, defense wins championships. This video features a middle school girls' volleyball coach explaining some techniques and drills for improving the defensive play of young female volleyball players. These include teaching your players to call for the ball and pass properly, and making players move around as much as possible during passing drills to get them used to covering as much ground as they can.

How To: Play volleyball on the beach

There's nothing like the beach. You have soft sand beneath your feet, the ocean breeze flowing around you, and of course the ocean itself. There are many activities that can be played at the beach, but arguably no other sport is more commonly played than beach volleyball. Unlike regular volleyball, kneepads are not necessary since the sand can be a bit more forgiving and clothes are usually subsituted for bathing suits. This tutorial will show you all the tricks and tips for playing volleybal...

How To: Bump a volleyball

This video shows how to bump a volleyball.First you have your feet shoulder width apart and knees bent.Move to the ball so that it will come down squarely in front of you.Make contact with the ball in front of you.You may have to turn away from the net.Make your platform with your forearms by putting your forearms straight out almost parallel with the ground clasping your hands in front of you with your thumbs side by side but dot clasp your fingers together.Keep elbows locked and knees bent....

How To: Serve a volleyball with Tina Perry

In this how-to video, you will learn how to properly serve a volleyball. First, make sure you do not touch the line as you serve the ball. Take your left foot and put it a little bit forward past your right food. The foot will depend on which one is more dominant. Hold the arm holding the ball parallel to the floor. Now, place your other hand above the ball. Next, take the right hand and bring it next to your ear with the palm facing the other team. Now, toss the ball vertically and as high a...

How To: Power up your volleyball serve like Kerri Walsh

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to power up volleyball serves. Viewers are taught by volleyball player, Keri Walsh. Viewers learn helpful tips that will strengthen volleyball serving. Some tips include: always toss the ball in the same place, ball should be tossed in front of shoulder, serve overhand with the force of the palm hitting the ball and position shoulders to the direction that you want the ball to go. This video will benefit those viewers who are learning how to play voll...

How To: Play beach volleyball

Batting a ball back and forth while you're barefoot on the beach is a fun way to get some exercise. Get started with these basic rules. Watch this video to learn how to play beach volleyball.

How To: Coach Fundamental Offensive Skills in Youth Volleyball

Volleyball is very much an offensive sport. Even when you're playing defensive, you're playing offensively, too. So, how do you improve a young girl's offensive skills as a coach? This video talks with Burt Weller, who gives great information for teaching your volleyball team the fundamental offensive skills. Learn some great volleyball drills that will get your players to be scoring, spiking machines.

How To: Coach Young Sports Players with Differing Abilities

On sports teams, especially youth sports teams, the players are never one and the same. Young athletes are all different, which means they all have different skills and abilities out on the field or in the arena. As a coach, you can't treat them as a whole, but you need to treat these young players as individuals of a whole. This video covers some practices and techniques, as well as gives advice for better coaching skills for teaching a "team". This is coach psychology.

How To: Get Young Girls to Start Playing Volleyball

What's one of the most popular sport for young women? Volleyball. But how does one first begin to play? This video talks with a young girls volleyball coach about who young women can start playing the sport, and what they should expect, like the rules of the game, how many girls are on a team, what the team is like, etc.

How To: Prepare Young Volleyball Players for Travel Teams

Traveling teams are becoming a larger part of the youth sports landscape for sports such as basketball, soccer, and, as discussed in this video, volleyball. The purpose of this video is to explain to parents and coaches what they can do with their middle-school-aged young volleyball players to prepare them for play on elite traveling teams once they reach high school. Presenters include a club team coach and a middle school coach, who explain the basics of how a traveling team works and what ...

How To: Practice Some Volleyball Positions and Skills

Volleyball is a very challenging, fun, and rewarding sport. This video demonstrates some drills that you can do, or have your athletes do, to improve their volleyball skills. It includes an explanation of the different volleyball positions. It follows this with some training techniques including having players play their unnatural positions and how to serve properly.

How To: Attack in volleyball

The volleyball attack can excite the crowd and devastate the opposing team. The approach, jump and landing are the basic aspects of a successful volleyball attack. Learn how to attack in this volleyball video tutorial.

How To: Forearm pass a volleyball

To dominate the game in beach volleyball, you'll need to master the forearm pass. This pass gets the offense started and allows your team to move the ball to the "setter" in the target area. Forearm pass a volleyball.

How To: Play volleyball

In this video series, expert Keith Sewell will teach you how to play modern indoor volleyball. Keith gives you everything: what you need to play, what to wear, basic rules, and advanced strategy. You will learn how to bump or pass, set, hit or spike, block, dink, dive, and more! Keith covers rotation strategies and how to serve. He lets you in on ways to practice, common drills, and even training advice for those who want to step up their game.

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