How To: Attack in volleyball

Attack in volleyball

The volleyball attack can excite the crowd and devastate the opposing team. The approach, jump and landing are the basic aspects of a successful volleyball attack. Learn how to attack in this volleyball video tutorial.

Take Action:

Perform left step then right step approach.
Be ready to swing when jumping.
Pull offhand in & snap wrist.
Land in balanced cushioning position.

Todd Dagenais is the head coach for the University of Central Florida's women's volleyball team. Prior to that he coached as USC where they competed in the division one final four. He has also been a part of the coaching delegation for the USA women's team in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. He was an assistant at Michigan University early in his career and simply loves the sport and coaching it where ever he is.

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I play club ball on the 13 Mizuno team. I am having trouble with my approach, I end up underneath the ball. I am 5'9 and my mom thinks that I am not starting out far enough outside to get a good approach and stay in front of the ball.....any ideas on how far out I should be or is it something that I just have to find for myself??

Hi I play also, Im on a 15s team and I'm 5'10. With our height we take bigger steps and have a farther reach, this is probably your problem. If your hitting a 4 try standing 1-2 feet outside the court (at the 10 foot line) and take your approach at a sharp angle. Hope this helped!

OH, another thing, it could be your timing that is throwing u off. Don't start your approach until after the ball has left the setter's hands and is coming to its peak in the air! :]

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